Cordoba Day 3: The Mosque-Cathedral

We left Seville and drove to Cordoba. Cordoba is one of the cities where all three Semitic religions lived together here. The main place we visited was the Great Mosque of Cordoba. This was once a mosque but is now used as a Cathedral once the Christians took over. The construction of  the Mosque dates back to Roman time. This surprised me as it is still standing after all these years and through earthquakes.

Cordoba used to be the capital of the Islamic world.

The Mosque used to be completely open and have a minaret, the tower where someone goes up to call the city to prayer at specific times. There is also an orange grove with irrigation and fountains as a nature and water feature. When the Christians took over and converted the mosque into a cathedral, the minaret was covered by a bell tower and the openness of the mosque was closed off. In the center they built a cathedral. They left the Mihrab and dome alone and instead built more towards the center of the mosque.

The Mosque is a great example of how the different religions came together. The worker who helped worked on the pillars of the Mosque inscribed their names into the pillar in order to get their pay and the names were written in Arabic and Hebrew.20170307_11491520170307_11420320170307_11162320170307_111153(0)20170307_105014The minaret can be seen behind the bell tower by the red brick


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