Cordoba: The City

We finished with our tour guide by touring the main parts of the old city, this part of the city has existed since Roman time. The city was maze like its not like our major cities that have the grid like pattern. Instead the streets were diagonal. Some only led to little court yard where balconies of apartments looked down. My favorite part was seeing the street of flowers that you see in books and postcards of Spain. To see it in real life was amazing.

With the streets how they were we were afraid of getting lost on our way back from exploring during our free time. We had wandered down a main street and now were trying to find a way back to the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. We were also warned of gypsies and pickpockets that roamed the streets since this was a heavy tourism area.

While eating lunch I did notice something very different from our own culture. Not only did they serve the water and pop in glass bottles, which is cool and better for the environment than plastic, but that the glass for the pop had the lemon and ice. The water was served with an empty glass. I thought this was different but that it added a different flavor to the pop which was delicious.

I do wish to go back one day and be able to see the new part of the city which is connected by a bridge that dates back to ancient Rome.


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