Eating Lunch Day Two of Seville

The first full day in Seville we toured the Royal Palace in Seville. After touring the palace and the gardens we went to the Cathedral. Once we were finished with our guide for the day we went to get lunch. That day we stuck in a fairly large group and occupied multiple tables at a single restaurant. I sat with the largest table and  as the only person who could effectively communicate in Spanish I was in charge of communications with the table and the waitress. This restaurant had menus in English which was helpful. Whenever the waitress came over she would speak to me first and then I would translate she only spoke to the other students at the table when taking their orders. Although the waitress was nice about the service, it was frustrating on my part because my Spanish is out of practice. I know I knew the words I was looking for at one point but it was not coming to me.

While we were eating lunch, it was about 2 p.m. I saw many children in school uniforms walking home with their backpacks. It was interesting as some were walking with older siblings or friends while some were walking with parents, while others were walking by themselves. Now the culture there is different. Lunch is the main meal there, while here in America it is dinner. But there is a cultural stop around 2 where everyone goes home for siesta. Businesses and shops will close down, except those directly related to tourism, ex. tourist shops or big name stores like Zara. Some carried their backpacks as backpacks while other had a cart attachment to their backpacks. One difference in the school was transportation. They do not have school buses in the cities in Spain. Rather most people walk or take the metro or city bus.


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