Granada at Night

We had a lot of free time at night. We were out after dinner trying to find something to do when we ended up in a mall. It seemed pretty cool but nothing was open because the stores were moving out of the mall or it was late. Across the street we saw a gym and fitness studio and people were going to a fitness class at 10:30 at night which I thought was different from our culture because most people are heading home or are at home getting ready for bed.

We ended up going back to a restaurant where there was dancing. So we enjoyed a little bit to eat and watched as the local started to show up and started dancing as couples. They saw our group and invited us onto the dance floor and they put on a line dance. A few line dances later we were getting ready to leave when one of the guys asked me to dance with him. It was an amazing experience getting right into the culture of the area.


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