Madrid: Royal Palace and Prado

We left Toledo and checked into our hotel in Madrid. Madrid I would compare to New York City with all of the shops and so many people. However, it is not as large as New York City. The next day we were once again on tours of Madrid.

The Royal Palace was our first stop. It had a beautiful courtyard and entry way which we were allowed to take photos of. However, due to the nature of flash photography, there were no other areas of the palace in which photos were permitted in attempt to preserve the artifacts and art work housed in the palace.

Unlike the Royal Palace in Seville. The Royal Palace of Madrid does not house the Royal Family at any point of the year. Rather, they have a residence outside of the city.

It was interesting to see palaces that once housed the rulers of the country. I guessed it could be compared to the White House, but the White House is so small and so young in comparison to these palaces.

We were allowed to explore an area and eat lunch. I enjoyed getting take out from a chain restaurant in Spain that had delicious salads, sandwiches and pastries. I would compare it to a Panera Bread here in the states.

After lunch, we went off to the Prado. The Prado is a world famous art museum that house the work of Velazquez and Grecco. We did not see all of the artwork in the museum but we saw some of the major paintings. Both the inside and the outside of the Prado was beautiful.


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