On Our Way to Granada

After Cordoba, we went back on the bus to go to Granada. We drove through the olive groves in the hill sides of the Andalusia region. Our bus driver informed us that the olives grown here are the ones that are in our olive oil back home and that Italy mainly does the marketing of the products.  I thought it was interesting that there was not a major highway connecting these cities, like there are here in America, rather there was just country roads through the olive groves.

We did make a stop at a side of the road stop. Everyone picked up a snack of some sort. There was fresh olive oil, different candies, fresh fruit, chocolate, and water. What was interesting was that there were a limited number of bathrooms inside with the store and restaurant. Rather there was a larger amount in another building outside that was just bathrooms and it was not a outhouse.

When we drove into the city we noticed that the city was different from the others as the hills were more noticeable. It definitely reminded me of Pittsburgh in that way.


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