The Albayzin, Granada

The Albayzin is a unique part of the city of Granada. It is situated on another hill overlooking the downtown area of Granada and the Alhambra on a neighboring hill. This part of the city is very tight knit. Many of the apartments here have been passed down through the family. I found this unique because houses usually do not pass from one family member to another typically in the US. Our tour guide Maria told us that the residents of the area do not consider themselves to live in Granada rather they live in the Albayzin.

While visiting we passed a school and a library. There were kids playing in the courtyard of the school. While some little girls made crafts and had a blanket set out and were trying to sell them to people passing by. We stopped on this overlook where there were more people selling their goods. The overlook overlooked the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range which were still snow covered at the top.

All the street names involved Carmen in the Albayzin which referred to the type of houses in the Albaycin. Carmen which mean vine or the lattice work that held the vine. Many of the houses had these on the second story overlooking the garden area at the front of the house.

While leaving the Albaycin part of the city we went down a street which was like Morocco, all crammed on the street with goods and services like Henna. It was so unique to see all this Moorish culture all in one place. One of our professors said it reminded her of Morocco if she were to close her eyes.

I think it would be fun to spend a longer period of time in Spain and stay with friends in their apartments.


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