After Granada we left for Toledo which was a stop on our way to Madrid. Toledo was another area where multiple religions lived together. We had a group lunch which the options were steak and fish, which was the first time I saw steak offered on the menu in Spain, it has been predominately fish, seafood, chicken and pork or ham. I had the fish which was delicious and light before touring the city. The synagogue of Toledo was transformed into a Church after 1492 when the Christians took over.

Toledo had a section of the city called the Jewish Quarter where mostly Jewish people lived at one point.

After leaving the Jewish Quarter we entered the main square. In the square there was the Cathedral of Toledo and the government buildings. The Cathedral was beautiful. There were Spanish organs and multiple chapels. One was reserved specifically for marriages.

One of the many cultural differences between the US and Spain is the dominant religion in Spain. Under Franco, until 1975, Catholicism was the only religion permitted. They were given a choice to convert or to move. This was around the start of the second world war so Europe was torn by warring powers.


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